Choose Porcelain Slab Tiles for a Slippery Kitchen

The porcelain slab is the popular choice for the floor. 

The kitchen is a space that uses water frequently, and during the process of washing food and dishes, it is inevitable that water will splash on the floor. If you choose smooth and shiny digital floor tiles that will cause you to slip, a danger to you, in addition, in the cooking and dishwashing areas, you must use coatings, you must choose a smooth one. easy to clean.

 The kitchen was full of messy things.

The kitchen space is considered the easiest area to display most of the furniture in the house. Using a stove or kitchen appliance without a plan from scratch will make daily kitchen cleaning a nightmare. Not only that, rearranging the furniture or having to look around the house to find the saucepan or pan to cook.

The waste and garbage scattered in the kitchen if not cleaned well is the cause of attracting flies, bacteria will accumulate affecting the health of you and other members of your family.

To overcome this, we recommend that you choose the right size kitchen cabinets for your home kitchen.

 The layout of the kitchen area on the balcony.

No matter how big your balcony is, you shouldn't have a kitchen in this area. The balcony is not used for cooking, this is a space where the owners relax with the air. Foreign cuisine, balcony; When the wind is strong or rainy, it will be difficult to cook, and the smell of food will follow the wind into the room.

Digital porcelain tiles are the best option for the kitchen and room also.

 The stove is in the window

If you choose to place the stove in areas like windows, you are wasting your room's ventilation and natural light there. When you cook, you will have to open the window, then the wind will make the smoke and food fly directly into your face, into the room, and do not escape.




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